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EMPHASIS is working on creating new supercapacitors that are specifically designed for consumer use. The aim is to develop sustainable energy storage solutions in two key areas that are essential for meeting the needs of modern life: electromobility and smart clothing.

To achieve this goal, EMPHASIS is taking an innovative approach that involves using new materials sourced from natural resources, improving design processes, and pushing the boundaries of existing energy storage technologies. This will allow us to go beyond the current technical stanaards and create energy storage solutions that are more efficient, sustainable, and tailored to meet the specific needs of consumers.


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Creating successful SC cells is a complex task that requires expertise from a variety of science and technology areas. EMPHASIS is addressing this challenge by facilitating close collaboration between partners from different fields. Although high-energy density electrodes can now be made, current procedures are not scalable or cost-effective. EMPHASIS is proposing a rational design approach that optimizes key components of the SC cell - electrode materials, electrolytes, and current collectors - in a way that maximizes their synergy. Additionally, the innovative design of the SC cell architecture and power management will be important in achieving breakthrough solutions for two broad market areas.

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EMPHASIS project is dedicated to creating new supercapacitors (SCs) that are specifically designed for consumer use. The project's main goal is to find sustainable energy storage solutions that can meet the demands of modern living, particularly in two key areas: electromobility and the new field of smart clothing. EMPHASIS researchers plan to achieve this by developing fresh materials from natural sources, enhancing design procedures, and pushing the boundaries of energy storage solutions beyond what is currently available.

EMPHASIS aspires to reach the technical and economic targets of the European Commission’s SET plan for 2030. By focusing on defining and generating a credible approach for next generation supercapacitors using ‘green’ materials, we can boost the transition towards a novel climate neutral energy system. Our goal is to make great strides at all levels of the design process, which will provide viable solutions for high-energy/high-power density and safe storage devices

- Project Coordinator Dr Antonios Vavouliotis from Greece-based company Pleione Energy S.A