Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage


Successful fabrication of SC cells is an intricate problem, demanding knowledge and know-how from a wide range of science and technology areas. The EMPHASIS research strategy has been designed to enable close collaboration between partners from diverse fields. While electrodes can now be prepared with very high energy density, the procedures to make them are either not scalable or extremely costly and time demanding, and thus, commercially unviable. To cope with this challenge, EMPHASIS proposes the development of a rational design approach that encompasses simultaneous optimisation of the most important key components of a SC cell, i.e., electrode materials, electrolytes and current collectors. The approach entails not simply a separate optimisation of these single components but also their best matching procedure, exploiting the synergy of the best performance of each component. In addition, the innovative design of SC cell architecture and control of power management are vital pillars of EMPHASIS to achieve breakthrough solutions to key applications in two areas with broad markets, i.e. smart clothing and electromobility. The project aspires to provide solutions to current problems faced by end-users by developing demand-driven technologies for the use of specific SCs that outclass the performance of current battery-based solutions.

The project’s focus areas are:

Smart clothing