Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage

Innovation & Impact

EMPHASIS will develop and demonstrate novel eco-design-driven processes for the synthesis and large-scale/area production of new materials for SC sells. This will pave the way to realize the next generation of SCs that fulfil the technical/economic targets of the 2030 European SET-plan. The wide adoption of the project products is expected to have multidimensional impacts on science, the economy and society by addressing key EU priorities, such as:

  • Creating forefront knowledge in the key areas of electrochemical energy storage materials, and especially in the areas of bio-based-derived graphene and carbon fibres, eco-friendly, high-voltage operation electrolytes and ‘greener’ production processes. These advances will lead to novel concepts in the smart clothing technology and industry, and more efficient energy management in the huge market of electric vehicles (EVs)
  • Supporting job growth and competitiveness in the EU materials, smart clothing and EVs industry by offering European SMEs important competitive advantages against their relevant rivals in Asia and the U.S.A.
  • Combating climate changes by (a) applying concepts and less energy-intensive processes that reduce carbon emission and waste and (b) lessening the use of batteries, which will minimize our reliance on mining scarce elements and CRMs. EMPHASIS outcomes and impact could become an essential part of reorganizing energy infrastructure to be symbiotic with ecosystems and the earth’s climate.
  • Improving EU citizens’ quality of life by offering them a new generation of energy storage devices that will provide new functions to smart clothing for e.g., personalized healthcare and electromobility applications.