Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage



  • Fast method for calibrated self-discharge measurement of lithium-ion batteries including temperature effects and comparison to modelling
    Authors: Nawfal Al-Zubaidi R-Smith, Manuel Moertelmaier, Georg Gramse, Manuel Kasper, Mykolas Ragulskis, Albert Groebmeyer, Mark Jurjovec, Ed Brorein, Bob Zollo, Ferry Kienberger

    This paper presents an efficient and comprehensive method for measuring and understanding the self-discharge behaviour of LiB cells, considering factors such as temperature and cell to cell variability, as well as underlying electrochemical mechanisms. The innovative approach presented in this paper aims to revolutionize the way we understand and engineer LiB cells, potentially leading to more efficient, longer-lasting, and sustainable energy storage solutions.

  • Accurate Parameters Identification of a Supercapacitor Three-Branch Model
    Authors: Mauro Zucca, Melika Hassanzadeh, Ornella Conti, Umberto Pogliano

    This paper introduces two novel ideas on Supercaps (SCs) characterization and modeling, 1) a novel measurement method for the determination of the non-linear leakage resistance of SCs, and 2) a novel approach for accurately modeling SCs by means of a Three-Branch circuit model. Through these two innovations the accuracy of the SCs simulation reaches very high levels. The determination of the non-linear leakage resistance occurs in two steps. The method relies on using an auxiliary resistor in a repeated discharging phase. A new model identification method based on the state equations of the circuit is described in the paper and validated by measurements.