Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage

European Commission Adopts Updated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan Aligned with Green Initiatives

The European Commission has endorsed an updated version of the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan in October 2023, aligning it with the objectives outlined in the European Green Deal, REPowerEU Plan, and the, including the Net-Zero Industry Act. This adoption reflects a cohesive strategy aimed at realizing Europe's decarbonization targets.

Since its initiation in 2007, the SET Plan has played a crucial role in promoting the advancement of clean, efficient, and economically competitive energy technologies. The revised SET Plan remains pivotal in addressing the fifth dimension of the Energy Union – Research, Innovation, and Competitiveness – and is firmly integrated into the European Research Area (ERA) framework.

The Commission's initiatives introduce new priorities focusing on cross-cutting issues such as sustainability by design, skills development, research and innovation tailored to societal needs, digitalization, and market accessibility. Additionally, the updated SET Plan broadens the technology scope to encompass all strategic renewable energy technologies aligning with the objectives of projects like EMPHASIS, which concentrates on developing effective and sustainable energy storage solutions.

For more information, visit the EC press release here.