Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage

FORTH researchers presented preliminary findings at NN23 and Graphene Conferences

Researchers from the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH) attended the NN23 Conference and the Graphene Conference in June-July 2023. The NN23 Conference and the Graphene Conference, both renowned for gathering experts and industry leaders, provided the perfect platform for FORTH to share the so far gathered research findings from EMPHASIS project.

At the "Laser-assisted high-quality graphene-like structures for energy storage applications" conference , held in Thessaloniki, Greece, FORTH's team member Michail Athanasiou shared with the audience a presentation on preliminary results within the framework of the EMPHASIS project. The conference, known for its global significance in nanosciences and nanotechnologies, facilitated in-depth scientific discussions among scientists, researchers, and market leaders.

FORTH continued their presence at the Graphene Conference, which took place in Manchester. As a long-standing hub for fostering collaboration within the graphene community, this conference served as a great venue for Nikolaos Samartzis, also a team member from FORTH, to present preliminary findings from the project. The event, acclaimed for attracting the industry experts from around the world, solidified its reputation as the leading in-person meeting point for researchers and innovators.

Athanasiou's and Samartzis's presentations at the NN23 Conference and the Graphene Conference not only showcased the team's cutting-edge work but also confirmed their commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and fostering collaboration within these vibrant scientific communities.