Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage

Highlights from the 1st EMPHASIS Open Workshop

On the 19th of March we successfully organized the 1st EMPHASIS Workshop. The event was organized remotely and featured dynamic exchanges, including four presentations from EMPHASIS partners and two sister projects, HedaSupercaps and Greencaps. Focused on advancing supercapacitor technology within the framework of the HEU-HORIZON projects, the workshop attracted 89 participants who engaged in discussions and collaborative sessions. It served as a valuable forum for exploring European Union-funded initiatives in the realm of supercapacitors.

The workshop covered various topics related to advancing supercapacitor technology:

  • PLEIONE/FORTH presented on the development of laser-based graphene materials.
  • CANOE/WOOD discussed the development of viscose/cellulose-based activated carbons for electrodes.
  • UNIWU/SOLV explored the development of novel ILs-based electrolytes.
  • INRIM/KEYS focused on metrology for supercapacitor characterization.

Additionally, two sister projects were highlighted:

  • BeDimensional S.p.A. provided a brief overview of developments in the GREENCAP project.
  • A summary presentation of advancements in the HEDAsupercap project was also delivered.

We extend our gratitude to all participants whose contributions enriched this workshop.