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for Sustainable Energy Storage

PLEIONE presenting EMPHASIS in Gdansk and Elche

PLEIONE, EMPHASIS project partner, joined two significant conferences over the past two weeks. These conferences provided valuable opportunities to communicate and showcase the Emphasis project The first conference was the 30 years anniversary ESA GSTP Event, held in Gdansk, Poland from 26th to 28th September. PLEIONE's presence at this event added immense value to this participation. PLEIONE engaged with industry experts and enthusiasts, fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations. Continuing their journey, PLEIONE then attended the 13th European Space Power Conference – ESPC 2023, which took place in Elche, Spain from 1st to 6th October 2023. PLEIONE's active involvement in this conference further enhanced the representation of the Emphasis project. PLEIONE proudly displayed an Emphasis project poster, attracting attention and generating interest among professionals in the field. This was a great opportunity to showcase the Emphasis project at these conferences. As we continue to make progress, we look forward to sharing more updates and participating in future events. 1%20ftoak%20