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Research & Innovation Roadmaps published – Paving the Way for the future of battery technology

Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+ have published the press releases of their R&I Roadmaps, paving the way for the future of battery technology. These highly anticipated Roadmaps are foundational for the industry and provide direction for creating a competitive battery value chain in Europe.

The Batteries Europe R&I Roadmap offers an insightful overview of the core research areas identified for further exploration by the expert battery research community. A detailed view of ongoing plans and requirements to thrust the development of the entire battery value chain is provided as well.

The Battery 2030+ Roadmap outlines research actions aiming at revolutionising battery technology for real-world applications as part of a European effort to establish battery cell manufacturing. Since development of re dox-active electrolytes and their application are mentioned in both roadmaps, the EMPHASIS project fully aligns with the objectives that are defined by Batteries Europe and Battery 2030+ in their new R&I Roadmaps.

Read the joint Press release is here.