Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage

SOLVIONIC was present at Lyon's Batteries Event

Solvionic, under the leadership of Sebastien Fantini, took center stage at Lyon's Batteries Event on October 13. The prestigious event, a gathering of industry leaders and innovators in the energy storage sector, saw Solvionic deliver a highly anticipated oral presentation.

The primary objective of the presentation was to offer a comprehensive overview of Solvionic's cutting-edge electrolyte activities, particularly in the realm of supercapacitors. Sebastien Fantini, shared insights and expertise, providing a glimpse into Solvionic's groundbreaking contributions to the energy storage field.

During the presentation, an exclusive invitation was extended to all attendees, urging them to explore the Solvionic booth. This strategic move allowed visitors and stakeholders alike to delve deeper into Solvionic's revolutionary projects. At the booth, attendees could engage with Emphasis fact sheets, meticulously crafted to cater to the interests relevant stakeholders and promote the project to the wider public.