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Since it was founded in 1991, BORN has been a driver of innovative textile solutions. With more than 40 employees and using the most modern textile and knitting machines, BORN develops and produces tailor-made high-class products for its customers. Following their growth plan, they expanded their capacities in 2020 and are now producing our high-quality products at 2 locations. For more than 10 years, BORN’s product portfolio has included medical textiles such as orthopedic human bandage systems and Smart Textiles. Our growth focuses on the symbiosis of medical and smart textiles, produced and developed in their Tec & Lifestyle products segment.

Resulting of many years of experience and innovation, Born GmbH owns various smart textile patents and is constantly refining them in collaboration with customers, leading technical universities, and colleges.

Their goal is to further expand their position as an innovation leader for intelligent, textile, and textile-related products at the interface between medical and sports applications.

Role within EMPHASIS

Defining and designing of product requirements in regards to Smart Textiles. Development and testing of Smart Textiles prototypes for the integration of the new supercaps.

Main contacts

Photo of Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider

Team Leader

Photo of Florian Wiecoreck
Florian Wiecoreck

Deputy Team Leader