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European Research and Project Office GmbH

Founded in 2000, the European Research and Project Office GmbH (EURICE) provides comprehensive support services for the planning, initiation, and implementation of international collaborative research and innovation projects. Today, EURICE ranks among Europe’s largest project management. In addition to offering backbone services for successful project management, EURICE is also managing impact and innovation in all areas of research and innovation projects. In order to pave the way for successful project exploitation, EURICE supports consortia in identifying, capturing, protecting and nurturing the Intellectual Property (IP) generated in research collaborations. Thus, Eurice accompanies researchers and innovative companies through the entire life cycle of a project – from the first idea to successful project completion – and beyond.

Role within EMPHASIS

In EMPHASIS, EURICE leads the Work Package “Innovation Management: Communication, Dissemination, Exploitation”. Thus, EURICE will be involved in the synthesis of the results from the scientific Work Packages, and support innovation-related activities such as dissemination and exploitation of results to maximise project impact. To the same end, EURICE will drive outreach and communication activities of the project.

Main contacts

Photo of Janine Jost
Janine Jost

Team Leader, WP7 Leader

Photo of Djevaire Memedi
Djevaire Memedi

Project Manager

Photo of Heiko Poth
Heiko Poth

Innovation management