Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage


SOLVIONIC is a SME expert in the development of safe (non-flammable) and high-performance electrolytes for next generation electrochemical energy storage systems (EESS) such as supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries. The production process, purification, and quality control procedures have been continuously and specifically developed since 2003. This key know-how allows the commercialization of the highest purity standard of the market. Our products are already upscaled at the pilot-plant level, operating since 2022, and which allows fast and reliable scale-up. The installation and duplication of industrial production lines based on the pilot technology is the next steps towards the supply chain of our current customers roadmap and short term EESS market exponential growth.

Role within EMPHASIS

Together with its partners, Solvionic will develop advanced nonflammable and high voltage stability electrolytes based on ionic liquid chemistry. Such electrolytes will optimize the performances theoretically offered with the advanced electrode materials of Emphasis. Up scalability and profitability will also be demonstrated using our continuous flow production pilot line.

Main contacts

Photo of Sebastien Fantini
Sebastien Fantini

Team Leader

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Alix Ladam

Deputy Team Leader