Breakthrough Technology
for Sustainable Energy Storage

University of Torino

The University of Turin is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian Universities.

Hosting almost 80.000 students (a.y. 2021-2022) and with 120 buildings in different areas in Turin and in key places in Piedmont, the University of Turin can be considered as “city-within-a-city”, promoting culture and producing research, innovation, training and employment.

The University of Turin is today one of the largest Italian Universities, open to international research and training. It carries out scientific research and organizes courses in all disciplines, except for Engineering and Architecture. It is an integral part of the community, acting for reviving urban and suburban areas, promoting cultural interaction, social integration and development, encouraging dialogue and insight into current realities.

Main contacts

Photo of Anna-Maria Ferrari
Anna-Maria Ferrari

Team Leader

Photo of Lorenzo Maschio
Lorenzo Maschio

Deputy Team Leader